Natural Beauty Is The Most Beautiful Of All, Let Those Curls Free!

At 13 years old I got my first job in a hair salon, as a shampoo assistant. I had no idea at the time how unique my first salon experience was going to be. The small, family owned salon welcomed all women and men of all races into their doors. It was a friendly, happy environment. I spent most of my time sweeping hair, cleaning dishes and taking out the trash, until one particular stylist took me under his wing. He was an African American man who was kind, patient and believed I had great things to offer the beauty industry. He taught me how to prep relaxers, how to properly rinse his clients and even allowed me to assist him in styling.

Eventually he left the salon and I did too. From the age of 13 on, I have worked at, at least 15 salons and have dedicated my entire life to the beauty industry. Till opening my own salon, I never again worked in such a special salon environment that serviced and welcomed all races and hair types in their doors.

Hair salons remain largely segregated by race. It is uncommon for women of different races to spend their time at the same salon. It is time we change this modern day segregation. All women should be able to enjoy the luxuries of a salon of their choosing despite the color of their skin or hair texture.

I believe these issues stem from a deep history of racism. The natural state of African American hair has been perceived as “unacceptable” in society for generations. Sadly natural textures and curls have been deemed unprofessional, "nappy", too messy, too big and unruly by society for too long.

Here is some BREAKING NEWS for you society..... textured, curly hair doesn't just live on people of color. Curly hair comes in all shapes, sizes, density's and exists in every shade of skin tone.

Time after time again I see women and even young girls struggle with negative emotions and stigmatization that prevent them from accepting their natural textures.

It's time women of all skin tones lift each other up and accept each other for all our natural beauty. Let those curls free! Please love and accept the beauty of your natural hair. Allow your curls to be healthy and let go of all the negative bullshit society has fed us for generations after generations.

The beauty industry is changing and I am here to do my part to create an inclusive environment. As artist we can't expect ourselves to be gifted at every service and every hair texture, but here we will always try to stay educated. As stylist, Although we are knowledgeable, we must find our specialties and flourish in them. Curly hair is beautifully unique. At Inspire we have curly specialists. We are here to help you on your curl journey no matter what skin tone you may be, all our welcome.

Be Inspired,

Kathleen Lauer

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