Master: At this point in their careers, our master stylists are focusing on their specialties in services and are in very high demand. They have completed trainings with top leaders in the industry and continue to advance their education regularly. To be the best, they train with the best. You will often find them leading/coaching junior stylists. 

Senior: Committed to advancing education and delivering amazing results, our senior stylists have completed all required training and are increasing in demand. They are honing their specialties with remarkable determination. You will not be disappointed in your service with one of our seniors!

Junior:  After completing a vigorous 12-month training program under Master Stylists, they are now working behind the chair to gain the experience they need to build their careers. They continue to work directly with Master Stylists while in this level and one may even pop over during your appointment! Be encouraged to book an appointment with a junior stylist and see their hard work paying off.

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